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Why the Runes are so much more than just predicting the future...

Discover the Secret of the Runes and learn how to give in-depth, life changing Rune Readings in 28 days or less

Runic Alphabets

– The Runes can be used as a self help tool for yourself or others.

– They have an uncanny way of giving extremely helpful and pertinent messages and can often provoke thought and contemplation.

– The Runes can be used for divination, creative manifestation, and can give insight into problems.

This allows you to see your life, or the issue you are asking about, from a different perspective which can be extremely helpful at times.

– They can also help you to see the way things will probably go if you do nothing to change it.

– A Rune reading can provide advice about how to handle certain situations in your life… anything from love and romance to finances and business advice or almost anything else you can think of.

Are you a Tarot Reader?
– Use the Runes to compliment your Tarot business.
Combining Runes and Tarot cards or Oracle cards is a very effective method which is illustrated in the course.


A structured, 4-week training program, recorded on video and available in pdf as well if you prefer to print it out.

And our thanks to our innovative learning method,
you don’t even need your own Runes to get started

Course Begins On April 19th

But the Runes have no images!

How can they possibly convey deep meanings like the Tarot can?

Runes and Tarot

I hear you… being a set of just 24 glyphs, you might think it impossible to interpret them with relevant meanings.

As a tarot reader myself, I understand that the Runes can seem somewhat cold and sterile when compared to the rich imagery offered by the Tarot or other oracles. 

But when I started, I felt a real connection to the Runes… I heard the call of the Viking magic, I could see the connection to the earth and the spiritual contact they offered as well.  

I knew that there must be a way to use this ancient knowledge…
After all, the Runes have been in use for centuries… They even pre-date the tarot by nearly 500 years.

So where is this Viking magic? 

What secrets do the Runes hold?

And how can we access them?

The secret to the Runes is in knowing and feeling the energies that they represent. 

Once you have been exposed to their energies, you then have much more than a mere image to play with… what you have is an experience that you can portray in many different ways, you can relate to many different circumstances and the readings you give will therefore be much more personal and engaging.  

If you don’t learn the Runes this way, by acquainting yourself with the associated energies, then you will end up like the person who gave me my first Rune reading, simply repeating the classic one sentence phrases found in the booklet that comes with the Runes!!!

It was a reading I couldn’t relate to at all. 

Unearth the Viking Magic!

Discover the Secret to learning the Runes

Wooden RunesEach Rune represents, not only a letter and a meaning, but the whole concept of a certain ‘energy’. 

This ‘energy’ cannot be explained in words, it needs to be understood, felt or ‘experienced’.

You can learn the Runes, one by one and start to observe the energy of each Rune begin to manifest…  see how it affects you and those around you… watch how it works in the lives of others.

When you couple this with a basic understanding of Norse mythology, you will see that each Rune is so much more than a mere symbol… it is in fact a living, moving energy that can be experienced in a multitude of ways. 

Once you know the energies that each Rune represents, then you can start to use them to give readings

This now gives each Rune a whole array of complex energies to be used for interpreting the situation in hand, and when you bring other Runes and their complex energies into the equation it becomes all the more colorful and alive. 

It now becomes your job as a Rune reader to interpret these energies and communicate them into the real life situation of the querent.

Does this sound like something you could do?

Would you like to become an expert Rune Reader?

In “28 Days to Rune Mastery” I walk you through and show you exactly how you can learn each of the Runes…

I then show you how you can use that knowledge to give expert ‘Rune readings’. 

…but first, let me tell you how I discovered the secret to learning the Runes.

Odin in YggdrasilOdín hung himself from the holy Ash tree, Yggdrasil for 9 days and 9 nights in order to gain self knowledge.
In doing so, all 24 Runes and their energetic meanings were revealed to him in a flash of enlightenment. 


Fortunately, my story isn’t so dramatic

I felt a calling, a need to learn the Runes to augment my tarot reading skills. I had a deck of tarot cards called the Tarot of the Vikings (or something similar) and each of the major arcana was related to one of the Runes. This deck really spoke to me..  I would get some amazingly insightful readings using it.  

I saw this as a great way to learn the Runes…  comparing them to the tarot cards. 

So I bought a book on the Runes, and planned to also purchase a set of Runes.

Upon reading the book, I saw that the correlation of the Runes to the tarot cards used by this deck, for the most part were not accurate at all.

But the concept or idea stayed with me…  surely the way to learn the Runes is by ‘knowing’ each set of energies as if they were major arcana.

So I set to work crafting my own Rune set. 

Meditating on a RuneI dedicated a week to the learning of each Rune, to carve it into the stone, and to understand its energies. I meditated on the Rune daily, I connected with it on a spiritual level, and I channelled information about it. I would then become that Rune for the rest of the week…  observing how its energies manifested in my daily life and in the lives of those around me. Just watching how the energies of that Rune work. 


It took me over 6 months to complete all 24 Runes. 

But in the end, not only did I have a very empowered and activated Rune-set, but I also had a very deep understanding of each of the Runes. 

25 years on and I am still delighting people with accurate and sometimes brutally honest and down to earth readings that have helped everything from business problems to personal dilemmas, and from relationship advice to spiritual guidance.

People are astounded with my readings… and although the Runes, many times appear to talk in riddles, more often than not it is that very riddle that leads to the understanding of a problem. 

I Had Discovered a Way to Master the Runes

I can show you that method and walk you through it

...step by step in only 28 days.

In the 28 days of the course, you will have the opportunity to learn and comprehend each of the 24 Runes, and learn how to give expert readings with confidence and style.

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How it works and why this method is so effective: ​

The course consists of:

– A series of Short Video lessons that are released at the beginning of each week…
– 4 Modules, one module per week. 

Each week concentrates on a different aspect of learning the Runes and how to give Rune Readings


28 Days To Rune Mastery is a very personal and interactive course.

It involves giving personal attention to each participant.

Therefore, I can only let a maximum of 21 people register for the course at this time.

* If you don’t manage to get registered in time and the course if full then you will be put on a waiting list for the next course. 

  • The course is broken down into 4 modules. A new module is released at the start of each week during the 28 days
  • The first module is the longest and most time consuming as we will be getting to know each of the Runes in detail. If you follow videos and do the exercises then 10 to 20 minutes a day for the first week should get you to the point where you are familiar with each of the Runes and their energies.
  • After that we concentrate on learning to give readings. And later on, learning more advanced meanings or interpretations of the Runes.
  • As well as the videos in each module, there is also a heavy emphasis on practice and personal engagement.
  • There is also a private members Facebook group where people enrolled on the course can share, ask for help and exchange readings with each other in a more informal atmosphere
  • There will be live sessions throughout the course where you will get the chance for a guided practice at Rune readings… where you will give readings to other people in the group whilst under supervision

Here is a breakdown of the modules in the course:

Module 1:

Learn All The Runes

You will be shown methods and techniques to learn each of the 24 Runes. Not only how to remember their meanings but to internalise their energies. To feel what each Rune means and to observe how the energies of that Rune react in your life or in the life of the person consulting the Runes.

Module 2:

Learn how to do Rune Readings

You will learn several different methods for giving Rune readings from simple to complex so you can begin giving readings as soon as you start on this module. There will be guided practice sessions so any doubts can be addressed about how to perform a reading, or about the interpretation of the Runes in actual real-life situations.

Module 3:

Advanced interpretations and methods

In this module we  will go deeper into the meanings of each Rune, uncovering more associations and further energetic connections. This will really get us knowing each of the Runes in our hearts. We also learn the ancient art of Rune-casting in order to give much more personalised, objective and down to earth readings.  

Module 4:

Crafting your own Runes, Magical uses for Runes, and Runic Meditations

Now you have learned the true meaning of each Runes and have felt the energies associated with each, now in this module, you will be shown how to create your own Personal Rune-set. This is an undertaking that should take you several weeks if not months. It is THE BEST method to truly learn each of the Runes. Day by day or better still, week by week you will meditate on the one Rune you are crafting… you will live the energies of that Rune throughout its creation, meditate on it, sing its song (mantra), vibrate its frequency and observe the effects it has on everyday life.

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Sign up before April 19th and receive the following:


Personal Coaching Session
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Receive a free one on one reading practice coaching session with me. (This will be done in a private video conference).

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As this is the first time we are holding this course in this format, we might have some teething problems…  So for being our first customers in this beta version of the course, if you register before (April 19th, 2020), you will be able to get the course for the one time price of $333


You need to register early to get one of the places in this course.

We are only accepting 21 people

Early Bird Bonuses:
If you register before (April 19th, 2020), you will get:

A free reading practice coaching session with me. (This will be done on a private one to one video conference)

And the special beta price of $333 

*Guarantee only available during the first 14 days of the course.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

You will have access to all the videos for the duration of the course and beyond… and though we have no plans on taking the material down, we advise that you download the pdfs or worksheets that you want to keep as we might be updating the material in the future. 

There is a Printable PDF version of each of the videos for you to download and keep

There is no payment plan at the moment as the low cost of the course doesn’t make it a viable option.

However, as payment is available through paypal, you might be eligible for their own payments plans which they offer for any purchase you make.  

No.. This is . not required. 

You can be of any religion or belief to cast the Runes.

There are those who chose to dedicate their lives to the Norse Gods and there are those who simply understand and respect them as a part of the understanding of the Runes. 


A knowledge of the stories and legends of the Norse Gods is useful for understanding the Runes and the energies they portray but dedication or affiliation to any religion is not required. 

What others are saying about me:

Reach out to your inner Viking today

Embark upon your own personal Rune-quest to learn the Runes and become an expert Rune reader in under 28 days. 

($297 if you register after Feb 23, 2020)

Do you have a burning desire to learn the Runes?


To be able to cast the Runes to help yourself, your friends, and family in making important decisions?


Your quest should you choose to embark upon it…

is to become a confident Rune reader,
to learn each of the 24 Runes,
and to master Rune readings…  in under 28 days, 

so you can help yourself and others with this mystical tool and feel like you have been able to make a real difference.

'28 Days to Rune Mastery'

The investment for this course is just $333


If you are one of the first 21 people to sign up you will get the special beta price of $333

And we offer you a money back guarantee* if you are not 100% pleased with the quality of the material we are offering.

Early Bird Bonuses:
If you register before (April 19th, 2020), you will get:

A free reading practice coaching session with me. (This will be done on a private one to one video conference)

And the special beta price of $333 

($333 if you register after Feb 23, 2020)

*Guarantee only available during the first 14 days of the course.

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