Module 1 - Video 8

Length: 12:05

Basic Meanings - Ætt 3, Part 2

In this video you will first learn the very last 4 Runes of this Ætts and in fact of the whole se of Runes. There will be a test at the end so you can judge yourself on how well you feel you know or remember the Runes.

What Now? - Your Next Steps Are...

  • Make Sure you have learned the basic energies for all 24 Runes and have created Rune Cards for each. 
  • Mark this training (video 8) as complete and mark the Module-1 as complete.
  • You are now ready to start the next Module  – Rune Readings 

Congratulations on finishing the first module, and well done on learning the basic meanings and energies of the complete Rune-set. This is a big step and from here on you will keep on learning and remembering more nuances and meanings to each of the Runes. 

If you feel you don’t yet know the Runes well enough, take some time and go through your card deck. There will only be 2 or 3 Runes that you get stuck on but this is normal. Just make sure you are aware of which Runes you are not that familiar with as we go into the next module. Feel free to mention in the facebook group which are your problematic Runes… I’m sure there will be a common thread to.