Get your Quick Reading on YouTube

I’m going to start a weekly reading on YouTube and as part of the video I will be doing some FREE Rune Readings for anybody who submits a question beforehand.  I’m not sure how this will work or how long I will be able to keep doing it, but if you have a question you […]

Runes of the Day on Instagram

instagram - Runes

Just to let you know I have been doing a daily general Rune reading on Instagram. This is a general reading of the energies of the Day. I’m not sure however that I will be able to keep it going as Instagram has changed their algorithm and people have been complaining that they are […]

Rune Readings

Rune cast

Live Rune Readings Video conference or Telephone My Reading Style Your future is NOT set in stone (excuse the pun)… You always have the possibility to change it. The readings I give might be a little different to what you are expecting.My focus is in showing you what is going on in your life in the present […]

RUNES – The Oracle of the Vikings

Wooden Runes

What are the Runes? The Runes are of Nordic origin… they are in fact an ancient and sacred alphabet which were traditionally carved on stones or wood. Each Rune, more than simply a letter is associated with one of the multiple pagan gods worshiped by the viking cultures. Each god has their own stories and associated […]