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Rune Readings – Using the Eldar Futhark Runes

As a natural psychic in a long line of psychics I use the Runes merely as one of my psychic tools and rely on my intuition combined with the energies portrayed by the Rune stones. I do not do a traditional spread but an ancient Rune Casting where the Runes are thrown down… the position in which they naturally fall plays a large part in the interpretation.

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My Reading Style:

Your future is NOT set in stone… You always have the possibility to change it.

The readings I give might be a little different to what you are expecting.
My focus is in showing you what is going on in your life in the present moment. I try to bring you to a place where you can see what has happened to bring you to this point (your present) and most probably where you will end up if you continue along the same path without changing anything (your possible future).

You are always free however to change your present and your possible futures. Once you see and realise where you are at and how you got there it becomes a lot easier to intentionally change your direction if needed.

The whole process is very personal and in depth. I encourage dialogue and feedback at all times in the reading as this makes for a more powerful and personal interpretation .

On the contrary, without the feedback I will be simply using my psychic abilities to impress instead you of discussing your situation and your personal feelings.

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