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How I do Rune Readings

In this video I show how I do a Rune Reading using the Rune-cast method. I also talk about how you can get your free

Runic Alphabets

Runic Alphabets

Some of the absolute earliest know Runic inscriptions have been estimated to be from around the 1st Century AD however, the majority of these Runic

Runes of the Week – Mar 2 This is a general Rune Reading for this week (2nd March) for anyone watching. Check out if you want to book a reading with me.

Decision Making with the Runes

Another Facebook live broadcast where I discuss how to use the Runes to help with any decision making process. 

7-day Rune Challenge

7 Day Rune Challenge

This course has now morphed into the 7-day Rune Challenge… A brief overview of the Course from Youtube

instagram - Runes

Runes of the Day on Instagram

Just to let you know I have been doing a daily general Rune reading on Instagram. This is a general reading of the energies

Rune cast

Rune Readings

Live Rune Readings Video conference or Telephone My Reading Style Your future is NOT set in stone (excuse the pun)… You always have the possibility to change

Wooden Runes

RUNES – The Oracle of the Vikings

What are the Runes? The Runes are of Nordic origin… they are in fact an ancient and sacred alphabet which were traditionally carved on stones

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